Home Sleep Testing


One of the easiest ways to improve your sleep quality is to get one of our custom made mouth guards to help prevent snoring and sleep apnea.

How is home testing done?

Testing for sleep apnea in the comfort of your own home has many advantages compared to an overnight stay in a “sleep lab”:

  • Less disruption to your normal sleep since you are in your own environment and can sleep in any position
  • The device used requires fewer electrodes and wires than the technician attended overnight Polysomnography sleep test
  • No wasted time – Usually, only one night is required to diagnose the existence and severity of sleep apnea

We have done thousands of home sleep tests, and have published research articles on the accuracy of home sleep testing

There are several devices that can be used to test at home, some are more reliable than others. We currently use the Resmed Apnea link Air device because it is very easy to use, and can be scored and interpreted remotely.

Using several sensors, the home sleep device records breathing, body position, snoring, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, respiratory effort, and body movement. In most cases, one night is sufficient for a diagnosis, but in about 5% of cases, the study needs to be repeated.

The test is interpreted by our board-certified sleep physicians the day we receive the sleep data either from the device drop-off or the data download. As soon as the results are available, you will receive a message informing you of the results and next steps.